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The three unbeaten teams left in college football: How they got here and where they're going

The BCS has some magical powers, doesn't it? After we spent much of this year, even up to a week ago, fretting about the doomsday scenarios with four or more major conference teams finishing undefeated. And now here we are. Heading into conference championship week, we're left with the picture perfect setting of two unbeaten major conference teams and one unbeaten mid-major.

The puppeteer controlling the strings on the BCS clearly has a sense of humor. 

Florida State (12-0) - Florida State is now the top dog left in college football. They'll be a unanimous No. 1 in every human poll and may take a clean sweep of the six computer polls as well. Their remaining path is simple: beat Duke and they're Pasadena bound. 
The road ahead: ACC Championship vs. Duke

Big Ten
Ohio State (12-0) - Ohio State has endured some close calls on its 24-game winning streak, but never before had they been one completed pass away from losing. Urban Meyer's team stared death in the face Saturday in the Big House and lived to tell the story. 
The road ahead: Big Ten Championship vs. Michigan State

Northern Illinois (12-0) - Fresno State's loss means Northern Illinois' fate is perfectly clear. Beat Bowling Green Friday in Detroit, and the Huskies will head to the Fiesta Bowl to face the Big 12 champion. Lose, and they're probably going to Mobile or somewhere else not nearly as nice. 
The road ahead: MAC Championship vs. Bowling Green