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The top ten most entertaining college football Twitter personalities

Every day for the past few weeks our own Zach Barnett has provided a topical top ten list of the week's action that everyone (including the rest of the staff here at The Scoop) enjoys reading.

With that in mind, I felt like it was important for me to inject a little humor into your Friday afternoon with a list of the top ten most entertaining Twitter personalities that you should be following during college football season (if you're not already).

Here's how I see that list shaking out (in no particular order of importance).

1: Everyday Should be Saturday (@EDSBS) - Far and away one of the most entertaining sports personalities out there. He'll hit you with timely humor during a game and sits on the throne as one of Twitter's kings.

2: Kegs and Eggs (@KegsnEggs): - Adam Kramer earns a spot on this list by often combining pop culture humor with current events, like the game everyone is currently enjoying...and who doesn't love that combo? 

3: Everyday Should be Saturday (@EDSBS) - If you're new to social media, and Twitter in general, EDSBS should be the first guy you click "Follow" on (even if you have no idea what it really means at the time). 

4: Kegs and Eggs (@KegsnEggs): - After having a fox storm the field during the TCU vs. Texas Tech game last night, and with his second string quarterback really struggling to step up for an injured starter, KegsnEggs dropped this gem.

5: Everyday Should be Saturday (@EDSBS) - Mastering Twitter apparently isn't his only talent. 

6: Kegs and Eggs (@KegsnEggs) - Kramer also dabbles in the Vegas lines of all the most popular games of the week. 

7: Everyday Should be Saturday (@EDSBS) - He's also worth following because he points out stuff like this that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

 8: Kegs and Eggs (@KegsnEggs) - This guy speaks the truth. 

 9: Everyday Should be Saturday (@EDSBS) - If you haven't caught onto our trend by this point, you should probably shut down your computer and call it a weekend. 

10: Kegs and Eggs (@KegsnEggs) - Seriously, if you're still wondering what's going on here, you've got my permission to shut it down and head home. 

In all seriousness, these two (yes, two...not ten) are really good at what they do, and they'll entertain the hell out of you all year round, but especially during college football season.