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The value of a great recruiting video

The most provocative recruiting video of 2013 originally wasn't supposed to be a video at all. Behind the idea of Rita Rodriguez, the Arizona coaches originally planned to take an Old West photo shoot with the tag line "The Posse's Coming to Get You" to mail to recruits. But when Arizona video department head John Daley and director of on-campus recruiting Matt Dudek toured Old Tucson's movie studios, "Hard Edge" was born.

In the rare event you haven't seen it yet, feast your eyes below.

People were talking within two minutes and 39 seconds of the video's release. "Hard Edge" drew 50,000 views on the first day alone. Deadspin and Grantland provided additional publicity. The Arizona braintrust knew they had a success on their hands when two fan bases in particular, Arizona State and Michigan, buzzed about just how bad the video was. In fact, Daley says, nearly a quarter of Hard Edge's views came from Michigan.

"Hard Edge" was such a success that it spawned a sequel, which itself drew 18,000 more views on day one. 

Stirring the passion of fans and rivals alike is great, but the Wildcats have one target audience in mind.

"It's such a powerful tool to be able to tell our story," Daley told the Arizona Daily Star. "The approach that I've taken, and Greg Byrne spearheaded this, is everything we put out there has to be exciting to 16-, 17-year-old recruits. But, it serves a dual purpose because we also want to engage our fans. "So we try to get it to look hip, cool and exciting."