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'The worst thing you can do to a player after a mistake is yank him'

We've all been in the heat of a battle during a game when one of our players make a mistake.

As points out, for Mark Dantonio and Michigan State, one of those mistakes came in the second quarter on Saturday against the Hoosiers. Freshman running back Delton Williams took his third straight handoff of the drive and tucked it away only to have it ripped out by a defender. A mad scramble for the ball led Michigan State to recover, and the Spartans scored later on in the drive. In the big picture, nothing was hurt.

While some coaches wouldn't hesitate to sit Williams out for a few series or even the remainder of the game, Dantonio told reporters after the game that he doesn't believe that's the most effective approach. Needless to say, Williams was back out on the field a short time later.

"I have confidence in our players and the worst thing you can do to a player when he has a problem is to take him out and yank him,''

"If he does it over a period of time, you're going to have to change. But I have to stay with him and have confidence in your players because it's so important for them to have confidence. I asked Delton, `what's up?' He said something about a wrist band, he took it off and we got him back in there." he explained on his Sunday teleconference with reporters.

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury shares the same philosophy, and demonstrated it during crunch time earlier this season.

Each coach has their own approach after a player commits a mistake, but part of fostering an environment where players can pin their ears back and fly around is learning to live with a mistake here and there, and then taking the time to correct it and Dantonio is a guy that understands that.