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'There are no cliff notes for being a head coach'

As a first year head coach taking over a wildly successful program, Utah State's Matt Wells (who previously served as the Aggies offensive coordinator) had to get used to a lot of changes.

Literally everything changes once you take the head coaching job Wells explains.

"Every week is not the same." Wells told Fast Football yesterday about the biggest change from going from offensive coordinator to head coach. 

"It's just like, everything changes. As you get into it, I asked Gary (Andersen) and a few other coaches in the business that I've worked for, and have a great respect for, I'm always a guy that wants to know what the next hurdle is, or pile, or what's coming up in the road that I need to navigate and get our program around.

"They all told me kind of the same thing, 'Ya know Matt you don't really know until you get in the middle of it and you go through it, there is really no cliff notes version for it, and that's been so true, but it's just kind of going from week to week and having a plan and sticking to it."

Wells will lead his 8-4 Aggies against a very good Fresno State team Saturday in the Mountain West championship game. Kickoff is scheduled for 10pm EST.