There is no integrity in the AP Poll

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So a few weeks back, "for the integrity of the poll" USA Today & the AFCA chose to out Lane Kiffin's confidential vote in the Coaches Poll. Ah yes, making his confidential vote public surely helped maintain / restore the integrity of the poll [insert sarcasm font].

Fast forward to today, the AP releases their poll following week 1's games. Fairly quickly the twitterverse seized upon the fact that a writer from the Bay Area, Ray Ratto, had some let's say quirky votes. For example, Ratto has West Virginia at the bottom of his ballot placing them at #24. Yes, your memory is correct, West Virginia coming off that 70-33 spanking of Clemson in the Orange Bowl did open up this weekend with a thorough trouncing of in-state foe Marshall 69-34. 

So Ratto has WVU #24....let's see where everyone else has them....the Coaches Poll has them at #8...and the full AP Poll has them at #9. Anyone else find this odd? Where is the integrity monitor?

Take a look at how analyzed Ratto's votes. Some might take issue with Texas State at #16; but they did beat Houston with a first time starter at quarterback [there 's that sarcasm font again].

There's plenty more in there to make one scratch their head; but really why take the time. This is pathetic. 

For what it's worth, below is the full AP Poll.