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There is no script for a first-time head coach

Overall, it’s refreshing to listen to Willie Taggart’s optimism about the future of Western Kentucky’s football program. As a first-year head coach, Taggart has been very straight-forward, honest, and optimistic about his team. 

Regarding his first head coaching experience, Taggart said, "It was surreal. To be honest, I didn't know what to do. I was asking myself what the head coach is supposed to do. I just ran out with the guys and said, 'Let's go have some fun. That's what I'm going to do as a head coach -- just go have some fun."

"Before I gave the team our pregame speech, I had to take a minute and breathe a little bit. But to be honest, it was like another football game for me. I was calling some plays and making some decisions -- a whole lot more decisions than I made before."

Following the 49-10 loss at Nebraska, Taggart, however, expressed his concern about the tackling from his defense. 

Taggart said, “They ran the same offense they ran in the bowl game. We just got to tackle. We missed a lot of tackles. That guy got a lot of yards because we missed tackles. You missed tackles, that’s what going to happen. We gotta get better tackling. We’re going to get better tackling.” 

“Our goal was to make them earn everything they get. We didn’t do that. We gave up some big plays.” 

One of the bright sides for WKU was rushing of tailback Bobby Rainey, who rushed for 155 yards on 30 carries in the loss to Nebraska.

That prompted Bo Pelini to say, "We were sloppy. We didn't make calls. We didn't get lined up. We didn't play well. I can't say one thing that I liked on the defensive side."

WKU travels to Kentucky this weekend.