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There's an announcement to keep an eye on tomorrow, too

The idea of a professional football league played in the springtime has been tried before, most famously by the USFL and the XFL. The USFL claimed Donald Trump among its ownership and lasted for half of the 1980's. The XFL was backed by Vince McMahon and the WWE, and lasted all of one season. The A11FL doesn't have the star-studded backing of some its predecessors, but it could have staying power.

The A11FL, short for A-11 Football League, will play in NFL and major college stadiums across the country. Its major hook, other than the obvious "live football in the spring" bullet point, is its offense. Teams will be permitted to run the A11 offense. In short, every single player on the offensive side of the ball is an eligible receiver. If you've never seen it in action, it's worth checking out.

And here's where the next bullet point comes in.

We've been told the A11FL plans to announce a national TV deal tomorrow. What network? We don't know. But national television provides much needed cash that these upstart leagues need to survive. 

Tomorrow's announcement should be worth keeping an eye on. You can find the league's official website here.