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This advice from Ron Rivera will help your next interview

Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera interviewed nine times before getting his shot as a head coach, and it was a sit down with Roger Goodell that helped him the most.

Down at the NFL-NCAA Coaches Academy, Rivera offered some valuable advice to the coaches in attendance. The advice was simple. Whether you get the job or not, get some feedback on how to improve after the interview so that you can improve for your next opportunity.

"I remember sitting with Roger Goodell after I'd had a couple of interviews, and he asked me how the interviews had gone." Rivera shared in today's Monday Morning Quarterback.

"I'd talked to Pittsburgh, Detroit, St. Louis and Dallas. And [Detroit president] Tom Lewand walked by, and Roger asked him to come over and he said to Tom, 'Tell Ron what he needs to do to improve.' And Tom told me a few things that I needed to hear."

"So I felt one of the things that was important to me advancing in the process was being able to debrief a team after I didn't get the job. I told that to the guys tonight -- find out what you can do better the next time.''

Rivera went on to explain that not getting the job doesn't mean you've failed, as long as you take the opportunity to learn from the experience. The worst thing that you can do is continue to make the same mistakes over and over, not improving on your weaknesses and not highlighting your strengths enough, and continue to come up short during the interview.

Another tidbit that Rivera offered up was the importance of interacting with owners and athletic directors in a social setting. Getting to know the decision makers as people, instead of just administrators, beyond the closed doors of an interview setting can pay big dividends for you, both on a personal and professional level.

Follow Rivera's advice and, without question, you'll be better in your next interview.