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This Clemson video gives recruits the total package

Last week we posted a great game day video from Clemson. When you hear a quote like "We're modern-day gladiators, playing football in Death Valley", as a recruit, you've got to know more about Clemson at that point.

Now, Dabo Swinney takes the chance to talk directly to Mom and Dad on this virtual recruiting visit. With shots of campus, Memorial Stadium and everything in between packed with Tigers fans both young and old.

Dump in these testimonials from current Tigers, and this one will pull at your orange-and-purple heartstrings:

"Go to any store and people recognize you, even if you're the fourth person coming off the bench," says wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. "It's just a family feeling. Everybody makes you feel at home and welcome."

"I think it's more than just inside football, I think it's the whole community. Everybody reaches out to you," adds linebacker Stephone Anthony. "It's just a loving, caring place. If you're one of those small-town guys, this is your place."

This video was produced by Bluechip Media Group.