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This guy has a great job


As you may have heard, last week Mike Leach took a hunting trip up to Canada and bagged a 7 foot 4 inch 350 pound black bear.

Over the weekend, Leach posted a picture of himself, his hunting guide (former Cal quarterback and outdoor enthusiast Mike Pawlawksi), and the bear. Even though you can't see all of it, you can tell its a monster. Pawlawski has been doing hunts like this for 15 years and says that it's the biggest bear he's ever seen.

To top it all off, the hunt was filmed and will be aired on a new series from the Outdoor Channel called "Gridiron Outdoor". In the series Pawlawski heads to the woods, and their various lakes and streams, with various football personalities including coaches and NFL players.

After the hunt with Leach, Pawlawski headed down to the Keys to spend a few days fishing with Urban Meyer and his son Nate and tweeted that they landed a barracuda, two grouper, a nurse shark and plenty of others.

A short clip of the show can be seen below. Pawlawski has a nice thing going.