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This is soooo Les Miles...sounds crazy; but actually makes a lot of sense

Les appeared on one of the ESPN shows today and was asked for an example of something he's done at home that makes his family think he's slightly crazy. 

Miles relayed a story of teaching his daughter how to drive. His daughter was driving Les over the Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge and Miles says, "I was describing to her how she was responsible for the car and it didn't make any difference what was going on in the back seat. I was coaching. We're crossing the bridge way up in the air and I took an open bottle of water and threw it at her, drenched her. She's saying, 'Now what was that about, Dad.' (I said) 'What that was about was you understanding, what you have to do, is not worry about what's going on in the perimeter when you drive us across this bridge.' That was certainly one (example of family thinking he's crazy)."

Crazy...or Brilliant? Either way, he's hard not to enjoy.