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This is why David Shaw will be at Stanford 'for a very long time'

A month or so ago, Scott wrote an article on David Shaw's name being brought up if Texas decided to make a head coaching change. In short, Scott explained that "as long as the University supports him properly (which by all accounts they have and are) he will not leave that job for a very long time."

I couldn't agree more. 

If you've ever doubted his passion for the Cardinal (his alma mater), and whether or not he'd jump at another coaching opportunity, take a look at this video and just listen to the emotion in his voice. He fully understands what a special place Stanford is, how special the people, and his players are, and what a unique opportunity he has as the head coach.

I feel like this phrase is overused a lot, but David Shaw truly lives, eats and breathes Stanford football. This video illustrates that perfectly. Shaw has a great opportunity to affect change at a great academic institution and he's got a lot to sell (athletically and academically) for years to come as the head coach of the Cardinal.