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Video: Every coach can learn a lesson from this middle school team

A middle school team from Olivet, Michigan got together to create a special play, for an even more special player, behind the back of the entire coaching staff earlier this month.

Now normally, a player calling his own play on the field wouldn't fly with 99% of coaches, but even the most intense and hard headed coaches would get goose bumps if this ever happened on their watch.

You see, the team banded together in order to get as close to the goal line as possible without scoring in order to get their special needs teammate Keith Moore his first eve touchdown. The coaches had no idea, and even Keith's parents almost missed out on the moment.

CBS has a really good look at the story, and it serves as a excellent reminder of the power that football has in the lives of young, impressionable people (and their families), and the life lessons that it can teach at every age.