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This study should be shown to every player on your roster, and every recruit

Earlier today we came across an interesting study from a group of people at UNC that uncovered results that college coaches everywhere will be excited to share with both their current players, parents, and future recruits.

The study asked about 80 employers like AT&T, Deloitte, KPMG, and Northwestern Mutual to rate the value of experiences of more than a dozen different types of students. Those student experiences included debate-team captains, resident assistants, editors of the campus newspaper, and participating in college athletics.

The employers surveyed gave the highest marks to college athletes, particularly those who served as captains because, according the to The Chronicle of Higher Education, "the employers saw athletes as hard-working and goal-oriented with the ability to handle pressure."

The study found that just playing on a college team was seen as more valuable than managing a restaurant, or serving as the editor in chief of the school newspaper, and it also uncovered that employers saw no perceived difference between whether you played at the D-I or D-III level when hiring.

The results of that study are just as valuable for your outgoing seniors as they are for high school seniors considering playing for your program. Print this off and hang it on a bulletin board in your facility, or hand it out during a team meeting, either way, it's something that will show your guys how much you care about their life outside of football.

Read the full take from The Chronicle of Higher Education here.