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This story will help put the OSU - UM rivalry in perspective

There is plenty of bad blood between Buckeye and Wolverine fans, but one 12 year old Ohio State fan found a way to "beat Michigan" and use the rivalry as the ultimate form of motivation.

You see, last November NBC4 ran a special on a young boy named Grant Reed who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Grant's parents met as members of the Ohio State Marching Band, so the disdain for "that team up North" was as real to him as the chemotherapy treatments that he had to endure.

Two years ago, after learning of the prognosis, Grant decided to nickname the disease "Michigan". After all, what better form of motivation is there other than to name your own personal battle after one of the most heated rivalries in all of college sports? That of course garnered a little attention and prompted a visit in the hospital from Urban Meyer back in December.

On Friday, Grant had his last chemo treatment and officially "beat Michigan".

This victory won't show up in the official win / loss column for the Buckeyes, but victories like this one for Grant and the Reed family are far more important than a tally in any win column. It also helps to remind us as coaches of what kind of motivation a rivalry, and the game of football can play in the minds, and motivation of younger generations.

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