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Three and Out - Another angle to the Chip Kelly ruling

1. Much was made of Chip Kelly's apparent toothless punishment the NCAA handed down on Wednesday. After all, it'll be hard for Kelly to feel much of a sting from his 18-month banishment from the NCAA while he's busy coaching the Philadelphia Eagles. But remember back to the Ohio State tattoo-gate case, and you'll recall that Terrelle Pryor and Jim Tressel were suspended for five and six games, respectively, by the NFL for their roles in the case. The NFL has yet to comment on Kelly, but there will be measure Kelly by the same stick as Pryor and Tressel. 

By the way, the Eagles face the Redskins, Broncos and Giants within their first five games. 

2. Since moving into their new house in the Bronx, the New York Yankees have been in the college football business. There was the Notre Dame-Army game in 2010 and the Pinstripe Bowl that began that same year. Originally a Big 12-Big East matchup, the Pinstripe Bowl is moving up in the world beginning in 2014 when it will pit the Big Ten against the ACC. And now the Yankees want more. 

"We've taken a step up we believe with the Big Ten and the ACC, and we believe that after performing for a couple more years, we'll be as good as any venue there is to a host a semifinal or eventually a (national) championship game," Yankees president Randy Levine told With the way the College Football Playoff is structured, Yankee Stadium would only be eligible to host the championship game. So how does everybody feel about college football's biggest game being played outdoors, in the Bronx, in January, at a 44,000 seat stadium?

3. USC and Notre Dame announced the extension of their rivalry through 2023 on Wednesday morning. Not that the series was ever in doubt, but the continuation of any non-conference rivalry should be celebrated with series like BYU-Utah and Michigan-Notre Dame going by the wayside.