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Three and Out - Are we really asking too much here?

1. In case you missed it, the long-rumored series between LSU and Wisconsin appears close to official. The pair will face off in Houston in 2014 and at Lambeau Field in 2016. I think we can all agree we'd much rather live in a world where programs like LSU and Wisconsin play each other than the alternative, and if they have to meet on a neutral field for the series to be financially worthwhile, then so be it. But do you know what's even better than seeing LSU and Wisconsin playing in two NFL stadiums? Seeing LSU and Wisconsin play at Camp Randall and Death Valley.

Are we really asking too much here?

2. New Colorado athletics director Rick George has his work cut out for him. Sure, he has to turn around an athletics department that's walked around in a haze for the better part of the last decade, that's the easy part. If he ever wants to collect any bonus money, that's where the real work will come in. 

The CU athletics department raised a total of $11.2 million last fiscal year. If he ups that by 33 percent, to $15 million, the Buffs will cut him in for a $50,000 bonus. That's 0.33 percent. If he raises $100 million by 2018, $20 million a year and a 79 percent incrase from last year, he'll get a $250,000 bonus. That's 0.25 percent. If he ups Colorado's marketing and sponsorship revenue by $2.05 million, he'll make an extra $50,000. That's 2.43 percent.

Good luck, Rick.

3. Here's one stat we'd bank on not repeating in 2013: Kentucky finished 3-for-22 on fourth down tries last season. At 13.64 percent, that's the lowest percentage any FBS with at leat 20 attempts has recorded since 2005, also known as the first year the NCAA put such statistics online. Something tells us Neal Brown will make sure history does not repeat itself.