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Three and Out - Everybody wants to host a college football game


1. The firm that runs Daytona International Speedway are pumping some money into their facility, and they want the most famous racing track this side of Indianapolis to host college football games in the not too distant future. Track president Joie Chitwood has his eye on Florida and Florida State as hosts.

With football games played at Wrigley Field, AT&T Park and Yankee Stadium of late, that got us to wondering - what are the great American sporting venues that have yet to host a college football game? Churchill Downs? Pebble Beach? As ludicrious as those suggestions sound, are they really any worse than hosting a football game at a racing track?

2. At Florida State, every season ticket holder wants two things: to move closer to the 50 and to sit on Doak Campbell Stadium's shadier side. So every summer when requests poured in, FSU assistant AD Ben Zierden and two staffers spent weeks trying to satisfy those requests. But sometimes that meant moving season-ticket holders from the shady 20-yard line to the sunny 50-yard line, which often only led to a separate line of complaints.

No longer. The 'Noles are now using 3D technology to allow existing season-ticket holders to choose for themselves among the available seats. The new system also allows season-ticket holders to add more seats and has even sold 800 more season tickets. “That’s incremental revenue for us that’s pretty significant,” Zierden said. So, how long until your program is using this software?

3. Along with programs like Alabama, Michigan and Notre Dame, among others, Texas is firmly in the group of programs whose fans would gather up arms and march on the stadium should they ever drastically change their uniforms. The key word there, of course, is drastically. 

In the early 1960's, the Longhorns added two stripes on each sleeve and removed the script TEXAS atop the front of the jersey, and in the early '80's they added the script back. Now, thanks to the program's Instagram account, we know they'll be making another small change for the 2013 season.

(For those who didn't notice, there's a new Longhorn patch above the script TEXAS). We think it all adds up to a busy jersey, but what do you think?