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Three and Out - 'I think we'll have a football game in China at some stage'

1. From the moment he was hired in 2009, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott wanted to broaden his conference's appeal not only in the United States but abroad, especially in China. Turns out, that wasn't idle chatter.

“I think we will have football [in China] at some stage,” Scott told Bryan Fischer. “I think it’s more of a longer-term thing. I’ve done due diligence on it during my trips… It’s very expensive to bring teams over there and I just don’t know if it’s practically very viable right now. The NFL has been over there for years trying to develop fans and end up doing a lot of grassroots activity. It’s just hard when it’s not an endemic sport and that’s the beauty of basketball and the Olympic sports.”

Fischer writes that the Pac-12 may play a game in Europe before trying a game in China. Either way, it's best not to doubt Larry Scott.

2. It looks like one conference realignment casualty could be on its way back. BYU and Utah are looking to continue the Holy War in 2017 and 2018. The Cougars and Utes will play on Sept. 21 and again in 2016 but will take 2014 and 2015 off, and anything beyond that had previously been up in the air. The 2017 game would be in September and the 2018 affair would take place in November, pending Pac-12 approval. (The conference usually bars any non-conference games outside of September, save for Notre Dame. We're betting BYU will get the same exception.)

I don't know about you, but I don't want to live in a world where BYU and Utah don't play every year. 

3. Some times change happens right in front of your eyes, but most of the time it's a gradual slide. The latest example came Wednesday when the SEC announced player representatives for the league's upcoming media days. The conference that (very recently) had been college football's last bastion of black-and-blue, Big Boy Football will collectively send eight quarterbacks to meet the media, while Kentucky's Raymond Sanders will be the SEC's only running back at the Wynfrey.