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Three and Out - Oregon finds another way to set trends

1. Your team may not be able to play like the Ducks or dress like the Ducks, but at least now you can warm up like the Ducks. In a move we believe to be the first of its kind in college football, Oregon has shared its pre-game playlist on the music sharing site Spotify. So, what do the Ducks listen to before a game? A little bit of something for everybody, in fact. There's plenty of Lil Wayne and Kanye West, but also "Thriller" by Michael Jackson and "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith.

Whether it be uniforms, trash cans or social media, Oregon truly marches to the beat of its own drums. 

2. It's still more than four years away, but we're going to go ahead and proclaim Sept. 9, 2017, as the biggest day in the history of Arkansas State athletics and the city of Jonesboro, Ark. In a piece of news that slipped under the radar nationally, Arkansas State announced that the Red Wolves have scheduled a home-and-home with Miami. Not Miami of Ohio. The University of Miami. 

Arkansas State will head to SunLife Stadium in 2014, with the Hurricanes making the return trip to Liberty Bank Stadium in 2017. Needless to say, it will be the first time Arkansas State has ever hosted an ACC opponent.

3. Here's a stat that may raise an eyebrow. In 2012, the 10-team Big 12 collectively threw for 35,791 yards, while the 12-team Big Ten threw for 31,392 yards. That means on a per game basis, Big Ten teams threw for an average of 205.2 yards, while Big 12 teams threw for 277.4 yards per game. The Big Ten was led by Indiana's 3,734 yards (not coincidentally, the Hoosiers are coached by former Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson), while the Big 12 saw half the league top the 4,200-yard barrier. 

Among the five power conferences, the Big Ten's 205.2 yards per game are the fewest by nearly 30 yards per game, while the Big 12's 277.4 yards per game are the most by 25 yards per game.