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Three and Out - The 2013 football season starts tonight. No, really.

1. If you're absolutely starving for some football, you're in luck. The Canadian Football League 2013 season started two weeks ago, and the CFL's U.S. television gets underway tonight. The first broadcast features the Montreal Alouettes, coached by none other than Dan Hawkins, taking on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at 9 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network. Action continues Saturday with the Saskatchewan Roughridgers visiting the Edmonton Eskimos at 3:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2. Considering your only sports alternative is regular season baseball, punting on third down doesn't sound so bad, eh?

2. A couple weeks ago we promoted Rice as a sleeper team for 2013 based on the fact that the Owls, winners of five straight to close the 2012 season, were the only FBS team to return 85 percent of their lettermen, 84 percent of their total yardage and 89 percent of their total tackles from last season. On the other side of that coin sits Louisiana Tech. In addition to stepping up in competition in moving from the WAC to Conference USA, the Bulldogs' new coaching staff will lead a team that ranks No. 126 among FBS teams in returning lettermen, No. 118 in returning total tackles and No. 121 in returning total offense. 

3. We covered this in The Scoop, but it's worth expanding upon here: Kirk Herbstreit will remain with ESPN through 2022, covering the next 10 college football seasons. Does anyone in college football have that kind of job security? Even Nick Saban will be in his 70's by the time 2022 rolls around. 

Herbstreit joined College GameDay in 1996. By the time this extension comes to an end, he'll have been with ESPN for 27 years. At that point, over half of his life will have been spent getting paid to talk college football on TV - and he'll still only be 53 years old. Herbie could easily hit the 50-year mark as an ESPN employee if he so chooses.

Man, some guys really have it rough in life, don't they?