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Three and Out - Want to be a coach some day? Apply to Oklahoma State

1. For any high schoolers hoping to coach someday, you may want to think about applying to Oklahoma State. The Cowboys have added a coaching science minor, featuring coursework in "athletic training, nutrition, physical education, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology and sport management." Led by assistant professor in health and human performance Tim Baghurst, the program was created at the request of area high school athletic directors, who believe a pre-coaching program will help produce more equipped coaches. 

Surely a class on the science of offensive line play taught by professor Joe Wickline is just around the corner. 

2. College football coaches and Twitter sometimes creates a horrifying mix. Most of the time coaches tweet inspirational quotes, re-tweet fans or send out congratulations to the volleyball team on last night's big win. Every so often, though, we are given a moment of magic that could not exist anywhere else. 

Today's example: Gary Patterson using a turtle to make a coaching point.

3. Watch list season is underway in college football, which means for many writers it's time to see who can Tweet the snarkiest comment downplaying the tradition. No, it's not 1954 anymore, and watch lists are somewhat obsolete now that award voters can see nearly every team on TV every single week.

But let's add some perspective here. There between 10,000 and 11,000 scholarship football players in FBS. Roughly 400 of them will wind up on a watch list. That's somewhere between 4 and 3.6 percent. Most of the watch list members will never have a bigger moment in the sun, save for an honorable mention all-conference nod. What's so wrong with that?