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Throwback Thursday Video: Richt coaches up the shallow cross

Since early on in his career, Mark Richt has made a name for himself by coaching some of the most explosive offenses in the country.

One of the passing concepts that Richt has really put his stamp on is the shallow cross. Coincidentally, we recently came across a video on Chris Brown's Smart Football site (If you don't already have it bookmarked, we highly reccommend it) where Richt treated coaches at a clinic to the finer coaching points behind the now infamous passing concept.

Richt not only breaks down the quarterback's footwork and read progression, but he also explains why he prefers to use a read progression over reading a specific defender, which a lot of coaches that we talk to prefer.

If you like the throw the rock out of trips, this is an essential addition to your passing package. The fact that you get to hear it firsthand from a great offensive mind like Richt is a huge added bonus.

Video via Championship Productions