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Thursday afternoon Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes & notes from around the country:

Kentucky has launched a new interactive football website: Take a look at the site right here.

Urban Meyer makes big decision: "We've made a decision in our lives that we'd like to stay in Gainesville. This is our home."

Tuberville wants bigger defensive line: “In this league, you need to be able to get people in the pass-rush lanes with their hands up, that have some height because of all the short passes you see from teams in this conference.”

“It’s the same everywhere in two-a-days if you have contact and the only way you can get better — especially on defense — is to have contact. It’s the nature of the beast. Unfortunately, you’re going to have injuries, and we’ve had our share.”

“Special teams are going to have to be strong for us. We’re going to need to be able to establish field position with special teams, score points on special teams and change momentum on special teams. We’ll even put more emphasis on it as we get closer to the first game.”

Nick Saban was once a walk-on: "You know, I was a walk-on for a little while and earned a scholarship. So I have a lot of compassion for guys who really want to play, who love the game, who are willing to go out every day and try to get themselves better to see if they have an opportunity to contribute to the team some day, but also are willing to give of themselves to help the other guys on the team by helping them prepare by being a part of the scout team."

Quoting Auburn OC Gus Malzahn: "Quarterback is about decision making. That's my job. I've got to put him in (the right) situations. If (a receiver) is covered, where are we going to miss, where is our aiming point? So that's what we've been working on very hard, aiming points on certain routes, certain reads, where to miss. Sometimes throwing the ball away is the best play."

Gene Chizik proud of Kodi Burns: "I have to give Kodi Burns a lot of credit. He has taken it as a personal thing to help us on special teams, where he has really improved. As a pass-catching receiver, he has done some nice things and I am proud of where he has come. He is just a great Auburn guy and I really appreciate his efforts, and so do his teammates."

Mississippi State DC Manny Diaz talks about the defensive backs: "You look at what they did last year, and let's be honest, they gave up as much as they created. But with young players, everyone understands the process. A good program is always going to be built around your seniors and I think everyone understands there's still a lot of young guys in our program." 

Bob Toledo talks about Tulane’s scrimmage: “We scrimmaged well over a hundred plays. We had several turnovers. The thing that bothered me is that we had a number of penalties. More games are lost than won. You got to keep from beating yourself.”