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Thursday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Phil Fulmer still upset: "You know Kiffin left a scorched earth in some ways there. The number of players that left the program. I don't think we should have made the change. I would have won seven or eight last year just like Kiffin did. You could have saved all that money and all that heartache. I don't see'em being in the SEC Championship game this year. As a Tennessee alumnus, I always think they should win them all."

Bobby Petrino reacts to reporter being dismissed: “I don’t know that much about the attention from the national media. When the incident happened here, there was never an intention to see it escalate the way that it did. But that kind of got out of our control.”

Bobby Petrino pleased with team overall: “I am happy where we are at right now. I think we have a team that really understands our schemes and our mental preparation has been very good. Our execution isn’t as good as it needs to be. Some of that could be the two-a-days legs and fatigue. Our timing is a little bit off. But mentally our guys have been sharp and mentally understanding what we need to get done.”

Paul Petrino explains why he coached the wide receivers as the Illinois OC: “It happened when my brother (Bobby) first got the head coaching job at Louisville. He asked if I wanted to coach quarterbacks or receivers. I thought I could get my personality through more at receiver. I can fly around with passion on the practice field and get the whole offense that way more. With quarterbacks, you have to be more calm, stand back there and talk to them.

Texas A&M DC Tim DeRuyter changing the mindset: “The biggest challenge so far has been changing the mind-set. When a defense has been down a couple of years like we have, players can have low expectations or a ‘woe is me' attitude. We're not allowing that. We expect to be a championship caliber defense here at Texas A&M. We're going to coach like it, we're going to demand it, and our kids will get there.”

Bill Cubit talks about Rick Stockstill: “His relationships in his life are far, far more important than money. I know the family situation with his children, his relationship with the players and I know he loves his athletic director. There’s more to life than just going into potentially bad spots just because of money.”

Skip Holtz wanted Stockstill to take ECU job: “I thought it would’ve been a good move personally, and I think he would’ve done a great job there. He’s a hell of a football coach. Rick and I have been friends for a long time, and we’ll continue to remain friends. I’m not angry at him, nor do I think he made a mistake. That was his decision. He felt like, for whatever reason, that was in his best interest.”

Rick Stockstill explains turning down East Carolina job: “I was only going to take that job for financial reasons, and to me that wasn’t enough to justify what I stand for from a character and integrity standpoint to leave.”

MTSU AD Chris Massaro describes Stockstill: “He doesn’t have the big ego. He doesn’t need all the adulation. He wants security. He wants to be appreciated and those kind of things. But he is a very low-maintenance, very smart guy that knows his values and stays true to himself.”

South Florida head coach Skip Holtz having fun with his team: