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Thursday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Brian Kelly upset with Irish practice: "I start with the premise that we're here to win. The coaches that were here last year are no longer here and the players that were here didn't do such a good job either. So, everybody's starting with the same premise: you're here to win and I expect you to be ready to practice and be locked in for Notre Dame every single time you come out here. That message needs to be reinforced sometimes. Today was a good day to reinforce it."

David Cutcliffe talks about plan for unofficial visits: "When we came here to Duke we knew the unofficial visit would be a premium," said Cutcliffe, whose Blue Devils have 22 commits so far. "Kids will rip through this state and see UNC, NC State, Wake Forest and East Carolina. We knew we had to develop a standard routine for unofficial visits from a [campus] tour, academics, coaches and faculty. Everyone had to be ready on a minute's notice. I like this system. This way is better. You just have to be prepared for it. I actually enjoy it. It's more laid-back and I get to know the kids better we sign."

Quoting Houston Nutt: "The defense got after us today. We couldn't make a first down."

Dooley talks about the mock game: "There are 26 things I wrote down that we've got to clean up administratively, with coaches headsets, adjustments and how we do things. This is why this was important and it was good. "I told the players that they were very professional about it, they approached it the right way and I think we got a lot accomplished. We didn't really get better as a football team but we got a lot done in the hopes that the first game we can play well, and that's what we were here for."

Mark Richt says quarterback is still learning: “He’s still learning. He’s still a freshman. It wasn’t really bad, but there were a couple of times where he could have made a better decision. I’m just thankful we got into those situations and it happened today. Hopefully, the point will be driven home a little bit better because it was more of a real situation. Hopefully, he’ll learn from it.”

Quoting San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre: "50% of our 2-deep our first-time players, first time every playing in a major college football game. I would say we have 'diaper rash' as a football team. We are young." 

Quoting San Diego State offensive coordinator Al Borges: “Once we master our domain here, we’ll get more flamboyant. But right now we’re going to run these plays and run them and run them until we know what we’re doing.”

“Right now, we’re not running the ball like we should. We’re not where we need to be from an offensive perspective. We know a lot of stuff we didn’t know a year ago, but we still have too many errors.”

Dwayne Walkers and New Mexico State will play 12 consecutive weeks: "Just gotta be real smart and keep these guys healthy. We have depth in some places, some places we don't have depth ... I'm not beating up on them this camp as much as I did last year. Just trying to be sensible, I guess you could say."

Fresno State WR Devon Wylie praises wide receivers coach Keith Williams: "He's an amazing coach.Not only does he coach you up on the fine details of how to be a great receiver, but he also coaches you up about life. So many dudes have just turned around who they are as a person off the field and on the field."

"He's taught me not to just be an athlete but to be a receiver. To be a more technically sound receiver. To basically be the best wideout I can be. He takes what you can do as a wideout and brings it out of you."