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Thursday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes & notes from around the country:

New Nike uniforms for 12 teams: Check out the photos at this cool website.

Quoting Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe: "I was too nice last year. I tolerated some average attitudes on our football team."

Dan Mullen responds to reporter questioning non-conference schedule: “You must not have researched our schedule. Last year we played the hardest schedule in college football, and it was considered one of the hardest schedules in the last 10 years in college football. This year I looked in the preseason, someone had a preseason ranking of our schedule, we’re in the top five hardest schedules in the country again this year. I have no idea what you’re talking about, man, but you might want to research that.”

Rich Ellerson likes his Army team, a lot: “I like my football team, I love this football team. They get it. They know where they are, they know who they represent. They know they have chosen a steeper path from dawn till dark and they like it. They don’t like it all day every day, but they like it.”

LA Tech head coach Sonny Dykes concerned about D-Line: "We have to continue to find and develop more D-linemen. We're probably a little undersized there but the guys are working hard. The key for the season is to play consistent on all sides of the ball. Some teams we play in the conference have some of the best offenses in college so we'll need to score points and we know that. Defense is like pitching (in baseball). If you have a good defense, you always have a chance to win."

Quoting UVA offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor: "With each guy, you have to find the exact right way to say it," Lazor said. "Find the very best way to say something. And you write that way down, and that's what you put in the playbook. Best way in the least amount of words that gives the most information in the clearest way. And then you might have a guy you're coaching who just doesn't see it the same way you do, so with him you've just got to tweak the way you say it and find that little button, that little trigger for him that helps him see. And it is ongoing, and it's every day."

Steve Sarkisian describes Huskies: "We're getting after it pretty good. Our guys have been intense in practice and they are chomping at the bit. We're kind of like those dogs on the leashes and we keep pulling and pulling it and that leash is about to pop. They are antsy, a little grumpy, and that's a good thing. That means they are excited and eager to go out and play."

Cutcliffe hoping to overcome youth: "We have done more scrimmage snaps and more live work than we've done certainly since I've been here and maybe in our careers together as a staff.”

Ralph Friedgen wants Navy as rival: “When you're playing somebody that’s 25 miles away from you, it's going to turn intro a rivalry and that’s what I'd like to see it become. We need a rivalry in our situation.”

2010 SMU Football "Run This Town" from Lopaka Ornellas on Vimeo.