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Thursday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Al Groh on the assumption GA Tech would handle the Kansas offense: "That's fantasy football; I just deal with what happened today. Coaches play the game that's played today. The rest is talk radio, those guys who have all the answers."

"I'm in charge of it. If there's any finger to be pointed, it's at me."

Zook happy with OC Paul Petrino: ''Everybody's bought into what we're doing, and that's 95 percent of the battle. He's a very thorough teacher. He makes sure you understand it, not only players but coaches. Everybody's on the same page. That's why we were better last week than we were the first week, and why we'll be better this week than we were last week.''

Monte Kiffin concerned about Minnesota offense “God-dang it” : “This quarterback, now, he’s in the process of breaking the all-time records of the University of Minnesota. Now, in 1960 in Minnesota with Murray Warmath, they won the Rose Bowl and the national championship. There’s a lot of records to be broken at the University of Minnesota. Now, this quarterback is breaking these records. I’m serious, god-dang it.”

“They got in a shootout and lost, but I’m telling you, offensively, they’re a god-danged good football team. This team last week was pretty good. This team’s better. I’m not making this stuff up. They put it on tape. Look at the tape. Look at the stats.”

Arkansas DC Willy Robinson says Hogs enter “man country” this week: “Now we go into man country. Now we go into the SEC. We’ve been working for it and working hard at it. That’s what we live for. Now it’s a different story. What’s happened in the past is in the past.”

Arizona State DC Craig Bray upset with defense: “We're not near as good as we need to be. We've underachieved for whatever reason, so this will be a good mark for us. We've acted bored. And you don't act like that if you want to be a great defense."

"I don't know what it is. I'm not sure a psychologist would know, either."

Dabo Swinney knows Clemson must be prepared to throw it: “We haven’t had the ball a whole lot and haven’t been challenged from a passing game standpoint. We’ve had some very big plays in the passing game, but that game where we go and have to throw it 30-35 times, it’s coming.”

Larry Fedora unsure of what to expect from Kansas defense: “Offensively for us, from the two films we have gotten, the first game was a two-back, two-tight end set offense that was just running and pounding the ball. The second game was an option team (Georgia Tech), so for the offense, we really do not have anything to go off of on film and that’s frustrating.”

“Its almost like it’s the first game of the season and you have to go into it not having any idea what they are going to do. It has been a little tough on the offense as we are game-planning trying to figure out what they are going to be when they get in the game. Neither of those two teams threw the ball much against them but hopefully we can change that.”