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Thursday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Brian Kelly says the Irish don’t deserve anything: “Nobody feels sorry for Notre Dame at 1-2. It can’t be, Well, gee, you deserve …’ — we don’t deserve anything. We deserve what we get. We’re 1-2 and we need to do something about it. We have to come back and play this game with more toughness and tenacity than we’ve ever played.”

Tuberville talks about stress: "I don't know of any other job that's as stressful as this one, especially with the changes over the last 10-15 years with year-round attention and recruiting. That's become one thing that's made it just as stressful -- the competition (of recruiting).

"But the big thing is how much you travel. When you travel you never eat well, so you';re kind of like a junk food junkie. You eat out and you don't eat smart, you build the stress on top of it, and you have 80-90 hour work weeks. It's a heart attack waiting to happen.''

"Exercise, sleep and nutrition. That's the three things that we have to have in our profession. And we have to make ourselves do it. When you're younger I hardly ever slept, and I was eating burgers every day. You say I'm going to exercise at noon, and then you work at noon and you look and it's time to go to practice or get on a plane or do something. There's just no routine.''

Chip Kelly talks compliments Arizona State offense: “Comparing last year’s offense to this year’s offense, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. They’re definitely different than Dennis’ operation has been in the past.”

Chris Petersen talks about physical football: "I just don't think you can win, or win consistently, without that. It's hard to play 60 to 80 snaps with that intensity. And that focus."

Cutcliffe says operating with Sean Renfree is similar to days with Eli Manning: “He’s letting us go full tilt with what we do, which we hadn’t done probably since Eli, to be full tilt with everything we’re capable of doing in the passing game and continuing to grow. He’s very bright. He’s a more than willing worker and a more gifted, stronger, quicker athlete than he was a year ago. He’s improved his arm strength quite a bit.”

Rich Neuheisel talks about UCLA offense: "We worked hard to get to a place where we thought we knew what we were doing with this offense. Obviously we improved the running game. Now we have to focus on improving the pass."

Dooley explains his style with media: "Y'all ask me how a guy plays and I tell you. I don't really see it as calling them out. I'm just trying to be honest with them. I think it's important that the players know because sometimes -- and this happens a lot, guys -- a player thinks he played good, the coaches think he didn't play good and then they go on to the next week. And then there's no communication.”

"It's just important to me that if they don't play well, we tell them, 'You didn't play well and this is what you did wrong and we've got to correct it.' I don't really see it as calling them out as much as telling the truth of where we are and where we need to go."

Tulane head coach Bob Toledo doesn’t believe in moral wins: “I’ve never been one of those guys to come away with moral victories. It’s kind of like the Saints and the 49ers last night, you either win or you lose. There is no gray matter.”