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Tim Beck explains how to balance productivity and staying healthy

During a team's spring practices there's a fine balance between productively ironing out the issues that you had during the season and making sure to keep everyone healthy.

Down in Lincoln, Nebraska is coming off a season where their offense flashed signs of greatness, often followed by moments where they hurt themselves with a costly turnover. Offensive coordinator Tim Beck knows the turnover issue has to get resolved in order to contend for championships.

While the Huskers finished the season ranked in the top 30 in rushing offense (#8), total offense (#26) and scoring offense (#28), they also lost a total of 22 fumbles and threw 13 costly interceptions, finishing 105th in turnover margin nationally.

Beck, now in his third season calling the shots on offense, wants to make sure they find a balance between addressing the turnover issue and keeping everyone healthy.

“There’s drills you do where they’re not getting tackled, but, still, defensively they constantly rip at the ball and strip at the ball." Beck told Husker Extra. "They do things like that to make sure that through traffic the quarterback and running back always carry the ball the right way. So we manage it. We just don’t always make the contact live and take them to the ground.”

During their bowl game, there were times where the Husker offense had Georgia on the ropes, but the Cornhuskers couldn't stay consistent enough to finish off one of the SEC's best defenses. Looking back on that game, it's the flashes of dominance that give Beck hope.

"We’re on the right track and we’re close. Sometimes it takes a game like that, and it almost wakes your team up: ‘You know what guys? We can be pretty good. We just have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot.’”