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Toledo is looking to tap kegs for games in 2013

Toledo is the latest school to explore the sale of beer and wine at home football and basketball games, according to the Toledo Blade.

School officials will meet over the next few weeks to discuss the new revenue stream, and weigh all the options. If approved, alcohol sales would be ready for their September 14th home opener against Eastern Washington.

While 22 other stadiums currently sell beer and wine to their general admission fan base, Toledo would be the just the 12th on campus FBS stadium to do so. Conference foes Bowling Green, Akron, and Kent State already sell alcohol at home games. In fact, Kent State charges just $2 a beer in an effort to pack the stands.

Making the decision to actually sell beer at games means a lot of logistics have to be ironed out, such as increased security and what point to cut off sales during the tail end of a game. However, more and more schools are willing to explore the idea in an effort to get fans out from in from in front of their HDTV's and into the stands.

A final decision is expected to be made within the next two weeks.