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Tom Herman on "the underdog offense"

Since Tom Herman was hired at Ohio State as the offensive coordinator, we've heard a consistent message that the Buckeyes will be a "gun, spread, run-oriented football team that has tremendous balance through the play-action pass."

Herman expanded on that in a recent interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, saying that at his previous stops at Iowa State, Rice, and Texas State, he dubbed this offense "the underdog offense".

"The places I've been have always had a talent deficit compared to 90 percent of the schedule, so I think this offense helped." he said. Herman added that he used to say that if he ever got to Ohio State, USC or Texas, he would just dominate defenses every week from the I-formation.

Since taking the job, he said he took a step back and said, 'Why would I ever do that?' Now you've got an underdog offense and you put really good players in it and it's even better."