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Tomorrow: the inaugural FootballScoop / SB Nation Coaches Draft

We have now entered a dark time, the time of year when the entire football universe somehow agrees 40 times, bench presses, hand size and vertical leaps matter more than what happened on the field four months prior. It's a portion on the calendar when any opinion, no matter how ridiculous, is bestowed credibility as long as it's attributed to an anonymous NFL executive. It can all be a little nauseating if you don't let the hot air out of the room.

Which is where we come in.

Tomorrow morning, we will debut the first (and possibly last) FootballScoop / SB Nation Coaches Draft. The FootballScoop staff - Scott, Doug and Zach - with the help of our trusted friends at SB Nation will each draft our own coaching staff. Each team will have one head coach, nine assistants, a strength coach, a director of recruiting and two GA's. Here's the catch: we'll only be drafting from a pool of head coaches. The 10 on-the-field coaches plus recruiting and strength spots will be chosen from the current roster of FBS head coaches, while the GA's will be plucked from the lower divisions. If you've ever dreamed of a staff where Mark Dantonio, defensive coordinator, had to contend with Dana Holgorsen, offensive coordinator; or better yet, where RichRod was calling plays against Bret Bielema's defense, tomorrow is your lucky day. 

The intrigue stretches far beyond there. Will Nick Saban and Gus Malzahn wind up on the same staff? Which head coaches will get the prized GA status? With 10 teams of 14, a total of 140 head coaches will receive the honor of hearing their name called in the world's first (???) coaching draft.

We'll hold the draft Wednesday morning (keep your eye on Twitter around 11 a.m. ET) and at the end of the day we'll have our very own Mel Kiper and Mike Mayock grade each draft. 

Coaches (and your agents), the phone lines are open. Make your case now; because once the draft starts it's all business (well, no not really). 

Let the debate begin.