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Top recruit goes Lebron James' style, finally chooses FSU

Plant High School (Tampa, FL) running back / outside linebacker James Wilder Jr. pulled a Lebron James stunt for 10 minutes before making his commitment to Florida State.

Wilder Jr. narrowed his choices to Georgia, Florida, and Florida State. He is rated the #3 overall player in the nation by Rivals and the #6 overall player by 

Twice during a 10-minute speech, Wilder says, “And the school I am choosing is…” before holding off the announcement. 

Wilder said, "They say the best athletes come out of the SEC, but just because I'm in the SEC it's not going to make me a better athlete. Even though it's the ACC, I'm going to 'ball out' regardless no matter where I'm at – even if I'm at the Ivy League. Wherever I'm at, I'm going to 'ball out.' "

"I wanted to get my decision over to focus on my team and this season," Wilder said. "I knew I wanted to stay close to my wonderful family and that left it down to Georgia, Florida and Florida State. They say the best schools are in the SEC and best competition is in the SEC, but, I mean, I felt more comfortable at an ACC school. It is what it is.”

Just before committing, Wilder thanked his girlfriend. He said, “I also want to thank my girlfriend, Bianca. She’s been there through me through thick and thin. I mean, she doesn’t know much about football. I try to teach her. I mean, she’ll talk to me through this whole recruiting process. Just talking. She don’t even know what she’s talking about (laughs). She’ll always sit there and listen, though. I want to thank her and say ‘I love the Wilders, Rogers, and Bianca, too.”

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