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Training philosophy at Georgia Tech

Back in late May Furman's head strength and conditioning coach John Sisk took over the weight room at Georgia Tech.

Since taking over, Sisk has cranked up the volume in the weight room and is putting his own stamp on how they train, all while not making any sudden wholesale changes, instead focusing on the work instead of the methods.

One thing that Sisk believes in is making training specific to position, class, and each individual. Running backs have a different workout and train different then linebackers, and upperclassmen have different expectations than incoming freshman. 

Former Vandy head coach Bobby Johnson says that one thing that makes Sisk special is that he doesn't necessarily focus on the numbers. "He doesn't make weight lifters. He makes better football players."

Sisk thrives for a high tempo environment during workouts and has two main rules for guys in the weight room to go along with a nutritional philosophy.

"We’ve got two rules: You don’t sit down and you don’t bend over. You try to keep music up, try to create an atmosphere you want to train in, a high tempo. That’s the way you play. You try to create a football environment as best you can.”

“We can train three times a day. If you’re not eating properly, it doesn’t matter how hard you work. You can’t outwork, you can’t out-train, you can’t outplay a bad diet.”