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Tressel and Petersen talk philosophy, Al Groh downplays UVA story

Jim Tressel’s office philosophy: "We have a saying with our players that nothing good happens past 10 (p.m.). That's fairly well-documented. We have a saying with our coaches that any idea after 10 won't work. And that's pretty well-documented."

Chris Petersen talks about creativity: "After meeting a few times, I had an epiphany. Bam! I started realizing game-plan wise, there wasn't enough creativity. I started looking at things a different way. We need structure, we need order, we need schedules and we need our system taught a certain way. But within that there needs to be a creativity to keep growing, to keep the energy and the enthusiasm. What new wrinkles do we need to make us better? I think that's one of the reasons we're not afraid to take chances and do different things. We have to do that to be who we are."

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Al Groh downplays game against Virginia: "This is the eighth time I've coached against the team that I've previously coached for, including doing it against Virgina once before (when he was head coach at Wake Forest). I have the veteran professional's perspective on that.”

"I'm not sentimental about institutions. I'm sentimental about people. I have a great affection for so many players and coaches who were part of our successes and they continue to be among my best friends and the most admired people in the whole world. Those relationships have remained where I happened to reside. Those are the things I remember the most and mean the most to me."

"We do what we do, especially since we are in the process of installing our system of a radical change right now which really throws our compass off. Clearly, the advantage is on the Virginia side. I say that because one, I taught our defense that we are doing here to the head coach and to the secondary coach. They have all my play books and all my cut-ups. Those two coaches and the linebackers coach have sat through endless hours with me discussing defense, making game plans, and analyzing our performance. There is no dilemma or no secret analyzing how Al Groh thinks."

San Diego State DC Rocky Long talks about progress: “When you understand the scheme a little better and play harder, you get better. I think we’ve added some talent; we’re playing a lot of redshirt freshmen in the secondary and at linebacker who’ve been in the scheme for a year, which helps some. But it’s mostly veteran players deciding to play harder and try harder.”

“Here, I don’t think it has anything to do with coaching. It has to do with the players responding. We’re maturing. This was foreign to them. We’re pretty complex. It’s totally speed and quickness. Every once in a while you might run into a team that’s big and strong — it could be this week — that wants to go shoe-to-shoe with you and mash you. But, with the spread offenses, few teams just run the ball now.”

Mike Stoops concerned about Oregon State: "The immediate concerns are stopping the two Rodgers brothers, and understanding Oregon St., how dangerous they are in the as an opponent.This is going to be an important game in deciding the outcome of the Pac-10 championship." "I think it’s important that we get out to a better start than we did two weeks ago against Cal."

Steve Addazio says moving Pouncy is ridiculous: "Change for what? Absolutely not. Are you kidding me? We're talking about a first-round draft pick, the best offensive lineman in America and a phenomenal football player and the leader on this football team. Unequivocally, that never even entered the realm of possibility."

You think Kirby Smart knew the jump-pass was coming? See the 1:13 mark: