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Tressel explains no Heisman campaign for Pryor

During Monday’s press conference, Jim Tressel discussed the challenge of opening against a new coaching staff, complimented Mark Snyder, and shed light on why Ohio State isn’t campaigning Pryor-4-Heisman. 

Regarding the season-opener against Marshall, Tressel said, “We don't really have a great handle on what they're going to do offensively, defensively or in the special teams. We feel as if offensively they're going to spread it out. That's kind of what's been talked about and they're going to fling it all over, but I know Coach Holliday has been in programs that, making sure you have balance are very important, so I know that will certainly be a part of it.”

Tressel compliment his former DC and former Marshall head coach by saying, “One thing I've known about Mark Snyder who recruited all these kids is that he had a tremendous eye for talent and he knew what you needed to have. He was one of our best recruiters from a standpoint of selection and he knew what you needed to be to be a great football player. My best example of that is I don't think anyone in the State of Florida collegiately offered Santonio Holmes, and Mark Snyder thought he was going to be pretty good, and he was better than that, so I know from a talent standpoint they're going to be much more talented than the team we face, none of our players, of course, that we faced in 2004.”

As to why Ohio State has decided not to run a Heisman campaign for Terrell Pryor, Tressel said, “Our benchmark in that world is Steve Snapp (associate AD) and Steve has always told us you don't even start thinking about that until you're three or four games in and if you don't have any production that would point toward that, don't bother. So we've always kind of followed that school of thought, we don't come out the beginning of the year, as far as I know, saying, hey, this so and so is Heisman candidate and so and so is this candidate. We kind of wait and see how they do.”

Ohio State hosts Marshall on Thursday night. The game will air at 7:30 pm EST on the Big Ten Network. You can see the entire Week #1 TV Schedule right here.