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Trooper explains the current state of the team at Auburn

Auburn wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor says the Tigers are a family, which has helped eliminate any distractions.

Taylor said, “This team has really done a good job of staying focused. I’m going to be real honest, I can’t tell a difference. If it is (a distraction), it hasn’t shown up out there. I don’t want act like we’re living under a rock, but I haven’t seen a distraction as far as the way the guys have worked.”

“People throw that word 'chemistry' out there. It’s different for us. It’s like family. These guys are up here all the time. Even on off days, you come through there at any time and there are 6 or 7 guys in there watching tape or hanging in your office.”

“For us, there is not a time when practice is over and now we can be friends. It’s family only time, even when we’re at practice.”

"If my sisters need something right now, I promise you they're calling me. They're not calling a cousin or a stranger. They're calling their family. You don't love family in slices. You take family just like they are -- good, bad and ugly. That's what family is about. We also know you don't have to have the same last name, be the same color, be from the same town to be family. What we all go through together makes us family. That's pretty special."

Trooper Taylor on Auburn sticking together