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Trooper says what he really thinks of Gus Malzahn

It’s unusual for an SEC program like Auburn to enter August camp unsettled at quarterback.

Of the major programs around the country, quarterback decisions remains to be made during pre-season camp at Auburn, Alabama, Texas, Ole Miss, and Notre Dame (if you really believe Brian Kelly).

But fresh off a somewhat disappointing (lack of verticality) chest bump with Barack Obama, Auburn wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor says, “It won’t matter. Just watch. I’m 100 percent confident that whoever he puts at quarterback is going to play big in this offense.”

Taylor added, “I’m a true believer. I’m riding the Gus bus. We’ll be successful on offense. Gus will make sure of that.”

“He’s a magician. He’s Harry Potter. All he needs is the broom. He’s got the glasses.”

Competing for the starting quarterback job will be Clint Moseley, Barrett Trotter, and true freshman Keihl Frazier.

Auburn opens the season by hosting Utah State. Kick-off is set for 12 pm EST on either ESPN or ESPN 2.

There’s still no total confirmation on if Trooper will be wearing a jacket for the 12 pm EST kick-off. Game time temperature should be around 98 degrees, so we’ll go ahead and assume the jacket will be go.