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Trooper Taylor: We had to say "Whoa!"

Trooper Taylor came away impressed with today's practice, noting the teams intensity and enthusiasm as the main reasons.

Day to day, Gene Chizik sets the tempo for the practice, letting players know when to go full speed, and when it's more of a "thud" tempo. Taylor said that they had to say "Whoa" and slow things down today, and as a coach, you have to really like that mentality on day one of full pads.

Taylor added that they'll know when they're making progress when they can say the physicality and enthusiasm is at the same level after five days of padded practices.

A lot of the new enthusiasm can be traced to the fact that everyone is competing for a starting spot in the spring he explains. 

"I think the thing that's creating a lot of enthusiasm is everybody's trying to compete for a job. They understand this is their 15-day interview, because come two-a-days we're really giving the new freshmen a chance to interview and then polish them for the season. If you're going to win a job, you better win a job this spring."