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Tuberville: I forgot we don't take many snaps under center

Even before serving as the head coach at Auburn, Tommy Tuberville adopted the nickname of “Riverboat Gambler” while coaching at Ole Miss. Tuberville has never been one to shy away from taking unordinary chances.

But leading 35-20 in the 4th quarter, backed up inside his own 35 yard-line, Tuberville once again rolled the dice with a 4th & inches quarterback sneak. The attempt began with a poor snap and subsequent fumble, giving SMU great field position and new life.

ESPN’s Bob Davie blasted Tubs.

Tuberville admitted, “I forgot we don’t take many snaps under the center. I’ve got to get that out of my mind. But that was my fault and my call. It wasn't anybody's fault but mine. I put us in a situation where it should have been a no-brainer. We should have lined up and punted the ball and made them go the length of the field.”

“I know we gave up 27 points, and that’s way too many. That’s 14 points too many, I think. We want to try to have every shutout we can. This defense, they’ll get much better.” 

“One thing I'd like to say is SMU did a fantastic job of staying in there. I thought we had them knocked down a couple of times, but they kept getting up. We had a little more depth in some areas.”

“Defensively, we're a work in progress. But I tell you that the way they practiced and the way they concentrate, they get better. Today at times, I think we went four or five possessions before they even got across midfield.”

Texas Tech will play at New Mexico on September 11th.