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Tuberville makes his case for indoor facility

Tommy Tuberville and Texas Tech kicked off their spring practices late last week, with Saturday marking their second time out on the field.

The weather for Saturday's practice was not very Texas-like, with temperatures hovering in the 30's and 40's, with a drizzling rain and slight breeze. 

Tuberville addressed the weather at the post practice media session saying, "It doesn't bother the players, they were running full speed so they weren't cool at all. It's just all of us standing around and watching that is affects more than anybody. This was not too bad, it could be a lot worse. The wind has been good and yesterday we didn't have any wind at all. I'd rather have this with no wind than 65 degrees and the wind blowing 35 miles per hour."

He then made his case for an indoor practice facility. "That's why we need an indoor workout area. That's why we've started (spring practice) so early, the wind blows a lot harder once we get into March and hopefully we get some good practice in throwing the ball before the wind picks up."