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Tuberville: Oklahoma has won because Stoops has more of an SEC mentality

During a radio interview today with Sports 56 in Memphis, Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville explained the difference between the Big Twelve Conference and the SEC.

Tuberville said, “(Last year) We had to be the slowest team in college football, on offense and defense. Now, we could score points, but we couldn’t stop anybody. We never made any big plays on offense. We never had a 10 yard pass go for 70, we’d always get caught from behind or something.”

“I think you can be a lot more consistent with what is done in the SEC. The SEC is build around championships because you win with defense, then the running game is there. When you run into a bad day, sometimes you can dig yourself out of a hole because it’s not as hard to play defense or run the ball.”

“In the Big Twelve, people come out throwing and end the game throwing. I think it’s a carry over to the defense side of the ball because when you throw the ball, you’re defense isn’t as good, you can’t play the run as well, and there’s not as much emphasis put on it.”

“But if you look at teams like Oklahoma…Oklahoma has been very successful, won at least half or more than half of the Big Twelve championships and it’s because Bob Stoops has more of an SEC mentality. He’s going to play defense, he’s going to run the ball, but he’s also going to throw it. He’s going to mix ‘em all up. He’s more of an SEC type of philosophy over there.”

“Now, we’re going to try to get to the same thing. Obviously, you can’t do something you don’t have the personnel to do.”

“We rushed for 30 yards a game before I got to Tech, last year we averaged 150 yards a game. So we got to that point. We kept throwing the ball, we made some big plays, we got to that point. But our defense…we couldn’t play a good high school team last year. Number one, we had some injuries and then we just didn’t have the speed to keep up with anybody.”

“If we were to win a game, we would have to score 40 points.”

“It’s (Big Twelve) more of a take your chance league. There’s not as much chance when you play in the SEC. You know when you play Nick Saban, you’re going to get three yards and a cloud of dust and they’re going to play great defense.”

“We’re on our way. We’re having a heck of recruiting year.”