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Tuberville sends message at kick-off luncheon

During the annual Red Raider kick-off luncheon, Tommy Tuberville spoke on the importance of unity within the entire program and community.

Tuberville told over 1,800 Texas Tech fans, “One thing I want to ask you to do if you don’t: Put up posters on your windows. Put flags on your cars. Put bumper stickers on your cars. Do things to promote Texas Tech, so when we have visitors on this campus, they go, ‘My gosh, it’s a cult.’ We want them to understand that everybody’s on the same page.”

“Get your red on,” he said. “Want everybody to wear red. This is the Red Raiders.”

“First impressions ... I’m telling you, what a great place this is — the community, the university, West Texas. There’s not a better place to live and go to school and raise a family. People here are so nice, so energetic and supportive, it’s amazing. So we’re excited.”

Texas Tech opens with SMU on Sunday, September 5th.