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Tuberville talks challenges, likely to start 7 true freshman

On Tuesday, Tommy Tuberville explained to a crowd of Texas Tech fans that his team still has a long way to go. Tubs pointed out to his supporters exactly what his team had to overcome last year. He also talked about the immediate challenges for this year’s team.

According to the Midland-Reporter Telegram, Tuberville stated, “It's still a growing experience. We're not close to being the team we need to be to win the conference. We're going to have the capabilities of beating anybody, but being able to put things back to back is going to be difficult because we'll probably start six or seven true freshmen on this football team."

"Our entire recruiting class this year was based on offensive and defensive linemen and speed at receiver, running back, linebackers and on defense. We don't have much. It was tough this past year. Everything that we earned, we had to earn it the hard way with long drives. We had very little big-play capabilities.”

Of course, Tubs knows his team has to become more physical at the line of scrimmage.

"We've got to get more physical in terms of third and short, in the red zone, goal line and that will help us defensively. We weren't nearly as physical enough defensively to stop some of the teams like Oklahoma, which ran the ball right at us and we couldn't stop them."

The Red Raiders have fininished spring practice. We didn't even know it started and we certainly can't remember a Tommy Tuberville led team talked so little about in the off-season.

Texas Tech opens with Texas State. Following an open date, the next three games are at New Mexico, Nevada, at Kansas.