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Tubs, huh? Saban on Cam, Dennis Erickson to return in 2011

Is Tuberville serious? It's got to hurt him to say this, don't you think? : “What separates the Big 12 from the SEC are the big receivers and the fast receivers (in the Big 12). And you have to counter that with corners that can handle the pressure.''

"They may have a good receiver. But in (the Big 12) everybody's got a wide receiver that's a playmaker. In some leagues you can get by with playing a guy at corner that might not have a lot of speed. But in the Big 12 they're going to isolate your cornerbacks, and everybody we played had an exceptional wide receiver.”

"I guarantee you, all the corners in this league always get a lot of sleep after their games on Saturday night.''

* (AJ, Julio, Alshon, Rueben Randall, Russell Shepard, Randall Cobb, Marquiz Maze, Greg Childs, Deonte Thompson, Jarius Wright, Chris Matthews, Justin Hunter)

Nick Saban says Iron Bowl without Cam “would be bad for college football” : "I've said it on numerous occasions. It would be bad for college football that such a great player, who has an opportunity to do some significant things individually and collectively for his team, you know, not to be able to play.

"At the same time, I don't know much about this situation and don't really spend much time on the situation, but I think we all have a responsibility and obligation to do things the right way, institutionally and individually.

Arizona State AD Lisa Loves says Dennis Erickson will be back in 2011: "I still support Dennis Erickson. You bet I do. You've got to allow someone to go through the entire process. I'm impressed, by the way, with the process, the recruiting roster, the level of talent and the stable of redshirts we now are able to have. As opposed to the last two years of playing true high school freshman. It's been rewarding to watch."

"I can tell you it's grueling to climb. It is grueling in a conference that is getting even more challenging to climb. I am absolutely confident, and Dennis Erickson has been since the day he walked in the door, that we will soon be ‘popping' relative to our competitiveness in ASU football. I have faith that we are going exactly in that direction and I have faith in Dennis to get us there."

Monte Kiffin compares Jacquizz Rogers to Barry Sanders: “He hasn’t played one down in the NFL but he moves just like Barry Sanders. This guy makes cuts. I told the defense, ‘If you miss him, get up because he comes back around again.’’