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Tuesday evening Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting notes & quotes from around the country:

Notre Dame TV rating skyrocket: NBC's ratings for Saturday's Notre Dame home opener against Purdue were up 77 percent compared to last season's home opener.

Paul Johnson describes Josh Nesbitt’s passing ability: “If you are waiting for him to complete 70 percent of his passes you are going to be waiting a long time.”

“It is what it is. I think there are games that he is going to throw the ball really well, and he has in the past, and there are games where he may struggle sometimes. What you hope is if he struggles, it is a game that you don't need to throw it. I really believe that we could have won the game on Saturday not ever throwing the ball. We have played a lot of games that way. We are going to be more efficient, but six attempts is a pretty small sample size to announce something dead. Especially when one guy dropped, one was a pass interference, it wasn't that big of a deal to me. Would I like to see him throw a couple of balls better? Yes. But I have seen the kid and he can throw the ball.”

Bo Pelini not concerned about poor defensive performance against WKU: “If you look at my history — our style of defense — you get better as time goes on. I’ve been here before and I’m not real concerned.”

“We game plan. We get pretty specific on a weekly basis on how we’re going to do things.”

Jim Grobe talks about Duke’s offense: "You can be on your A-game and still give up a lot of yards to these guys. It starts with the quarterback [Sean Renfree] - he is really special. [Conner] Vernon, [Donovan] Varner, and all those receivers are all the real deal. Not only do they have good foot speed and run really good routes, but they also have great hands. I'm real impressed with the quarterback, but you don't complete 80 percent of your throws without people catching the football. It's very rare to see any of their receivers or tight ends drop a ball, so it's going to be a great challenge."

Virginia head coach Mike London talks about USC: “I do know this - you'll have to take some time off the clock against Southern Cal. USC is a team that plays fast and that tries to capitalize on the things that you don't do. So we need to make sure that we can keep the clock running, with the running game, short passes that are caught, keep the clock moving, keep the chains moving.”