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Tuesday lunchtime Coaches Quick Hits

Georgia OC Mike Bobo wants Murray to get rid of the ball: “I have to look at the tape. I don’t think all of the sacks were on him, but he’s got to get rid of the football. On the last one, he’s got to get the ball out.”

Mark Richt talks about quarterback Aaron Murray: “I’ll say this. When he moves up in the pocket, some very positive things happened and not a lot of negative things. There were times he tried to move up and then back and when he didn’t move forward, he got drilled. He has to work his way up and throw it in time and don’t try to create something that’s not there. If you try to do that enough, you’re going to get hit. Still, he’s made a lot of positive plays, and you can’t ask guys to block too long, and he’s learning that. Nobody questions his toughness, his arm strength, his competitiveness, his devotion to the team, his work ethic. He has a lot of positive attributes. He’s only going to get better.”

Mike Price pumped about UTEP win over New Mexico State: "We played really well and they didn't play like they could play. We were physical from the first play to the last play.”

"We rocked."

"Our special teams covered fast. We have guys who can run hard and hit on special teams. ... We played penalty free in the second half, penalty free on special teams."

Week #3 Game Changing Coaches

Houston Nutt wants Rebels to regain swagger: "Got to get your confidence back. Got to get your swagger back. You've got to do that by making plays and playing very hard."

"We've always been known for playing at your highest level. And I want to make sure everybody's doing that. We've got to play at a very high level, play hard. I can live with whatever happens, as long as I know they're giving everything they have and we're giving them the best opportunity to win."

"It is the mind-set we have to focus on. Our seniors have to play their best football. Those guys will put their stamp on our team and keep it going."

Bobby Petrino says Hogs don’t have to do anything extraordinary to beat Bama: "We have to really understand as a team that we don't need to go out and do anything extraordinary to win the game. We need to go out and play Razorback football and we'll have an opportunity to win the game. That's kind of what our theme will be for the week.

"We've got to try and slow him (Mark Ingram) down and do a good job on first down. I thought we defended him well a year ago."

"Going back to the Georgia game, it was a great win for us. I think the biggest thing is that we matured and grew up as a football team. We knew going into the game that it was going to take a team effort"

Dan Mullen says O-Line isn’t communicating well: “For an experienced (offensive line), we are just not communicating very well. It’s kind of taking care of themselves, instead of taking care of the line, and you need all five guys to play together. On our 13-play drive, nine of those plays, all five (linemen) graded best, doing the right thing. So we have just talked to them a lot about communicating and being on the same page to get the job done.”

“(Georgia is) going to run the football, and that is their No. 1 deal, to be a physical, running team. It’s a big game for both (teams). You know, you’re looking at someone coming out of this game with a pretty good jump start on the rest of the season. Both of us have been playing very difficult schedules in the conference.”

Auburn DC Ted Roof will try to reduce snaps for Josh Bynes: "It's something I've got to work on getting done. He's got a lot of value as far as understanding what he's supposed to do and also what the people around him are supposed to do. As a coach, I certainly appreciate that." 

"Hopefully, you're giving more than you're taking. That's the No. 1 goal. It takes its toll because you have only so many collisions in you. The body won't go on forever. The kids here are conditioned to play."

Quoting Lane Kiffin: “The 2nd half was pretty complete. Now our goal is to put 2 halves together. That will be our goal this week.”

“Most pleased out of any position group (with the defensive line). We established the line of scrimmage. The sacks will come.”

(on the kick-off return for a TD) “Bax (John Baxter) does a great job showing our kids exactly what will happen.”

Troy DC Jeremy Rowell dealing with a ton of injuries: “What we’ve got to do is get our best 11 people on the field and stop somebody. Create some pass rush, stop the run, play the pass. What’s it going to be? Who’s it going to be? That’s what we’re in the process of figuring out right now.”

“You can’t wholesale change anything you do. You’ve got to make it fit (with) what you do. You can’t change your whole defense in three or four days and teach something new.”

Southern Miss DC Todd Bradford wants to capitalize on opportunities: “We dropped three interceptions and had four missed sacks. We felt like we should have had eight (sacks) with guys unblocked. Our goal was to have three interceptions and we could have really made it an outstanding night if we make a couple of extra plays.”

Larry Blakeney referring to Troy’s numerous injuries: “Our locker room looks like a war zone at halftime.”

GA Tech assistant Andy McCollum facing former staff at NC State: “I knew this week was coming. No one in the country has as much respect for Tom O’Brien and North Carolina State and those players, the ones I coached or the ones I recruited, and their staff. My three years were great. I know how good they are. The thing about North Carolina State was we played a lot of young kids when Coach O’Brien got there. They’ve been through the fire. People say they’re playing a lot better. Well, you play better when you get older.”