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Tuesday night Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Derek Dooley concerned about coeds: "What happens now is kind of the next phase. School has started, and when school starts of course there's two distractions that come with it. One is an important one, school. And the second one is human nature, girls."

Randy Edsall likes intensity during night practices: "We were back to a two-a-day practice with one in the morning and one at night. The night practice always brings out the best in the players. There is something about the night practices that seem to be the most intense.”

Rick Minter compares Brian Kelly to Lou Holtz: “Brian Kelly isn't a Lou Holtz clone, but there are a lot of similarities. Lou is about developing players. Lou is about handling the pressures that go with the job. He knows how to shut it out and yet embrace it at the same time. And when the lights come on, particularly in front of the media and the fans, he's just what the doctor ordered. And I see those qualities in Brian.”

“He's not afraid to believe in a kid if he sees an intangible there. He has a knack for finding the kinds of players that he wants who bring winning traits and attributes. He shows faith and confidence enough so that he'll play the guy and the rest of the team will believe in and rally around the kid. Brian Kelly is a motivator and a teacher. He's somewhat like a pied piper. People want to follow that guy.”

Nebraska OC Shawn Watson talks about Huskers’ offense: “If you compare this year against last year, we are making plays. I think a lot of that is due to the guys having experience in the offense. In two facets, one…fundamentals, two…just the nomenclature and how we do our business, how we function.”

Dan Mullen pleased to get Bulldogs eligible: “I think two years in a row now, everybody that we’ve had a mathematical chance to get eligible, has gotten eligible. That’s a great credit to Rockey Felker andBracky Brett andSteve Smith in our compliance office, as well as our assistant coaches and the kids that have really worked. That’s what you want two years in a row. To get all your kids eligible is a big deal.”

Charlie Strong says Cards will play hard: “I can’t make any promises here. I can’t say how many games we’re going to win, but I can say this to you: we will be an exciting football team. We will play hard, we will play hard — guys understand — we will play hard.”

Bowling Green head coach Dave Clawson answers questions after Tuesday's practice: